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Children who have lived through loss, experienced traumatic events, or been exposed to abuse and neglect can suffer from symptoms of PTSD. In their early years of life, important skills to manage difficult experiences can be hindered by trauma reminders.


Amber spent years volunteering as an advocate for children in the foster care system before she decided to integrate this desire to help into her therapy work. Amber has been trained in the evidenced-based model of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and she uses it to address the emotional and behavioral challenges in children who have survived traumatic experiences.


The TFCBT method takes 12 to 15 weeks to complete for children that show signs of PTSD. Divided into distinct phases, sessions with children are designed to increase self-awareness of emotional and cognitive responses to trauma reminders and are designed to help children build coping skills that can improve their control over these difficult responses. Conjoint sessions with a caregiver near the end of treatment help to connect parents with children and anchor their progress in the management of their difficult experiences.


If you think your child is suffering from PTSD or depression and anxiety related to a traumatic experience and could benefit from TF-CBT, please contact Amber for a session to conduct assessments.

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