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My Approach

Dr. Berkoski practices Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT), an integrative model designed to address complex challenges within the family that impact the functioning of all its members. Amber uses couples and families’ existing skills and strengths with the strategies of ESFT to help clients tackle difficult problems. Amber believes as people grow in their confidence to problem solve and communicate, they also learn to prevent recurring problems and address even the most challenging issues that plague them.


Dr. Berkoski uses ESFT to assess families for the Core Negative Interactional Patterns (CNIPs) that arise when stress and struggle make if difficult for them to compromise or collaborate. Amber uses her clients’ existing supportive networks as a means to encourage increased connection between family members that can sometimes be difficult without outside help.


Techniques of ESFT can improve the working relationship between parents of all walks of life. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce, just want to be more effective co-parents, or are trying to navigate blended family dynamics, ESFT is an evidenced based model of practice with couples and families.


In order to raise children in today’s complicated world, parents often have to balance two seemingly different goals; keep children connected to the family and give them the tools to manage the intense pressures of the outside world.


Dr. Berkoski draws on years of experience working with families with children with severe emotional disturbances that put them at risk for out-of-placement. Whether you feel near the breaking point with a troubled teen, you need to rediscover what you enjoyed about your family problems in to unite course correct a , or have grown tired of the bickering in your household, Dr. Berkoski's practice in family therapy can help you address the issues.

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