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Trauma Therapy

Let's talk about possibilities.

In today’s fast paced world, there are plenty of drains on time and energy, not to mention a gaggle of ideas from social media and pop psychology about just how to fix what ails you. Amber subscribes to the belief most people already know how to fix their problems and many have the answers to life’s problems both big and small.


So, what gets in the way?


Unfortunately, a lot of people have the feeling they’re doing it ‘wrong’ in to a world designed to make them feel inadequate. Amber draws on her training as a marriage and family therapist to use solution-focused principles that help individuals pinpoint what is already going right in their lives.


But, is it that easy?


Amber can help you hone in on the times your problems are smaller, not as intense, or less likely to happen. She uses those strategies to help you address the bigger struggles you face with a fresh eye for all your strengths.


Imagine something miraculous happened overnight and your struggles are long gone. What would be different? Who would notice? Questions like these help Amber understand what you want to change and start you on a path to co-create what you want from your future.

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